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Which payment methods are offered?

At the time a payment via prepayment (bank transfer) and PayPal (debit/credit card) is possible. Please keep in mind that PayPal charges processing fees. They are displayed when selecting the payment method.

Do licenses expire at some point?

No, all licenses have an unlimited duration. You can use all products as long as you want to.

What is a "BrandingFree license"?

The branding-free license allows removing the visible copyright notices of the respective product. Accordingly, a license as an extension can be ordered for each product, which contains such a note. This is also possible afterwards. No special knowledge is needed for this. Just a simple installation of a package and the visible copyright notice within the footer of your website will be removed with immediate effect.

Can I return products or exchange them?

Exchanging or returning is only possible if the product hasn't been downloaded of the customer account yet. Your right to return expires after the initial download. If a return is required, the order may be revoked within 14 days in the customer area. Please keep in mind that other return policies apply to commissioned works.

Can I resell my license if I don't need it anymore?

Yes, the resale of licences is tolerated by us. Keep in mind that access to the official support is bound to the original purchaser, i.e., second-hand licenses will receive only reading no writing access to the support forum! This support access can be reactivated later on as an extension of the license for an appropriate fee. The original license holder must completely remove all copies and installations of the products after the sale! The license transfer can take place via the customer area and is carried out by us after verification. The sale or transfer of the access data to the forum is NOT allowed. If these guidelines shouldn't be respected, we reserve the right to withdraw support access even afterwards.

Can I customize the plugin myself after the purchase?

Yes, you may change and remodel all products after purchasing, according to their own ideas. The only exception are visible and invisible copyright notices from CobbleCity. These may be removed only if a BrandingFree license has been purchased for the product.

May I remove the copyright?

No. The only exception is if you have purchased the BrandingFree license for your product. Only in this case you can remove the link to CobbleCity.

Where can I download the products after purchasing?

Our products can be downloaded after the purchase under the menu item "My account-> Downloads".

I need a special plugin for my project, is something like that also done/offered here?

Yes. We gladly develop applications and plugins around WCF on your behalf or make adjustments according to your wishes. Simply contact us and we will discuss all the details. You can find the link to our contact form within the footer.

I can't get the plugin working, can you help me?

Should you ever have problems with the installation or setting up our products, you can certainly use the support forum associated with the product. We will gladly assist you here in all matters relating to our products. To do this, simply create a topic and describe your problem as precisely as possible. In case you shouldn't want to perform the installation, you can use our installation and upgrade service, by just adding the extenstion booking for the corresponding product.

I need an invoice, where can I get that?

After your order, you will receive an invoice by e-mail. Moreover, you can also download it in the customer area under the menu item "My account" within the appropriate order.

Into how many forums can I use the purchased product?

Per purchased license you are entitled to use the product in one installation (e.g. forum). A separate license is to be required for each installation (e.g. in multiple forums). Please note our license terms on this aspect.